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The main ingredients of the formula are different plant extracts (gingko biloba, green tea, and blueberry) that besides their antioxidant properties are known for their many other effect beneficial for the body. It also contains vitamins and trace elements, which further enhance its antioxidant effect, and support our health as well.
Calivita, a Lifestyle
CaliVita is an international company with its head office in the United States, growing dynamically worldwide and popularizing, by means of its latest products aimed for health, a new quality lifestyle in the world.
CaliVita International is a significant player in the European food supplement market. Each of their products are developed to meet the highest scientific standards. The products’ ingredients are formed according to the latest scientic research results adjusting to the demands of our age. Products are made in the United States with the latest and most up-to-date technology. Their quality insurance guarantees that the products live up to most strict regulations, which are demanded in the drug production industry as well. All ingredients come from natural sources. In case of a larger dose, all products continuosly absorb ensuring an optimal ingredient level in the body. The chemical forms of the ingredients give guarantee to the appropriate usage.
The company Calivita produces and sells a wide range of nutritional supplements, most of them unique in the world:
Nutritional supplements based on herbs;
Nutritional supplements for weight control;
Nutritional supplements for smooth digestion;
Nutritional supplements with vitamins;
Nutritional supplements with minerals and trace elements;
Nutritional supplements - antioxidants;
Nutritional supplements for detoxification and increase of body immunity;
Other nutritional supplements.
Short History of Calivita® International
The company`s founder is Gerry G. Hargitai;
In Europe, Calivita International was officially registered in 1991;
The head office of Calivita for Western Europe is in Rotterdam and for Eastern Europe, in Budapest;
Calivita International owns all the stages of the manufacturing process for its products, starting with cultivation of raw materials and up to testing and selling the products;
Tthe raw material cultures that are the source of the nutritional supplements Calivita; the research lab and the company`s head office are in Pharmington and Plainville, USA.
In 2004, the company`s sales in Europe increased with 110%, despite competition on this market, and they continued to increase until now, the company being the most famous food supplements company on the European market for a decade now.
The nutritional supplements Calivita have the following features:
Are 100% pure, and they are manufactured from ecological cultures in unpolluted, monitored, controlled and protected environments.
Have a chelated structure, the composing minerals being interconnected through long chain of amino acids, therefore optimising intestinal absorption.
They are not drugs.
They have no secondary effects.
They do not contain: sugar, salt, colouring and synthetic preservatives.
They are obtained from 100% natural sources.
They create no addiction.
They are obtained through modern processes of extraction and combination.
The nutritional supplements Calivita have the medical certifications from the authorized bodies:
The certification from the Food and Drug Administration in the USA. (F.D.A.) – being considered the toughest worldwide institution for the certification of food and health products; a certification is issued following prior studies and detailed tests, during a period of 10 – 12 years. Few companies may boast about owning this certification.?
The acknowledgements of specialised bodies specific to each country where the products Calivita are sold.
According to statistics in the USA, 1 of 3 people use natural therapies, out of which 1 to 2 family physicians prescribe them, and courses are taught about knowing and using them in about 90 out of 125 medicine faculties.
The proportion quality-quantity-price, a good reason to choose the nutritional supplements Calivita
Each bottle of a Calivita product contains a sufficient product quantity to complete the first cure stage. Considering the cost of each bottle, the quantity of tablets or capsules contained, as well as the concentration of active substance, the price of the Calivita products is low as compared to similar pharmacy products.
The nutritional Calivita products may be delivered in all European countries, but in other countries, too. For more information, please contact us. For orders exceeding EUR 200, the transport is free of charge.
The Calivita products may be bought both at consumer and club prices, which is 23% lower than the consumer price. Besides, Calivita allows you to establish your own success business!
The natural products Calivita are nutritional supplements and require no medical prescription!
They may be administered together with other cures, and we recommend you to carefully read the prospectus before administration.
These products don’t replace a diversified dietary.
The date of expiry of the Calivita natural products is indicated in the American system. According to this system, the figures standing for the date indicate the month and the year.